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If you have a commercial project which needs a superior concrete finish, then Concreting Canberra Pro is your company of choice.
Sturdy buildings require strong foundations, and these come from high-quality flooring systems. Commercial projects often have a large surface area that needs solid flooring. This might be to fit the premises out for business or because weather elements make outside conditions hazardous -which is why many factories look like fortresses!
Our construction company can provide firmly bonded, load-bearing surfaces using quality equipment and experienced professionals who’ll deliver an impressive final product that your customers are going to love.


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    What is concrete, and why is it used on commercial buildings?

    Concrete is a widely used building material, and it is both versatile and sturdy. It can be poured into moulds to make many shapes and sizes of items, such as blocks for garden walls, benches and planters, or thin sheets for patios and paths. It can also be formed by reinforcing steel bars (re-bars) inside the mixture – these create a rigid structure that you can climb on or drive over without any fear that it will collapse under your weight. Concrete is usually grey, with flecks of gravel in it from where small rocks have been crushed, but it can also come in other colours.

    Concrete being used in a commercial building

    Benefits of using concrete

    Concrete has become an ever-popular material to use in architectural designs due to its strength, durability, and sheer versatility. It can be manipulated into many different forms, making it extremely attractive aesthetically. Some advantages include:

    • Durable and long-lasting – Concrete is a tough material, so it can last a lifetime without any worry of deterioration or damage, making it extremely attractive for people who want something that will stand the test of time. It’s also able to take on many different forms and be moulded into whatever shape you desire, meaning that when done properly, it can blend in with its surroundings to give buildings/structures an appealing look.
    • Relatively easy to maintain – Although concrete does not require much maintenance to keep looking its best, make sure it remains waterproof and free from cracks and other flaws. We recommend sealing your floor with a specialist sealer once every year at least.
    Building using concrete ongoing

    Disadvantages of using concrete?

    Concrete can be quite expensive compared to other materials such as timber, plastic or rock. This means that some people may prefer to use these less durable but cheaper options instead.
    There’s also no way for any defects in a concrete item (such as cracks) to be hidden from view – so if something has gone wrong with the pouring of the mixture during construction, you’ll be able to see this instantly, and nobody will want to buy it!

    Ongoing concrete works

    Types of concrete used for commercial structures

    For commercial structures, different types of concrete are often used. Most notably, concrete is made to have different strengths and durability depending on the exact use it. The consistency of concrete can be altered to suit various purposes:

    Reinforced concrete has added metal bars or meshes to strengthen its structure and reduce the risk of cracks/damage.

    Pre-stressed concrete involves placing steel cables in tension within the mixture itself to exert a force outwards when put under pressure.

    Post-tensioned concrete is where similar actions are taken as with pre-stressed concrete, but the reinforcing steel is installed after the mixture is placed.·            

    Why Choose Us?

    At Concreting Canberra Pro, we are a trusted brand for your commercial projects. We are committed to providing the best service with the highest quality of workmanship.

    We are proud of our long term client relationships, built over many years due to our focus on high standards and attention to detail. Our personable team will provide you with plenty of advice along the way, whether you just need a quick quote or help coming up with a design that suits your budget and needs.

    Our expert builders are experienced and qualified in dealing with commercial projects of all kinds. We have designed and constructed everything from high-end apartments to schools, churches, shopping centres and even horse stables! We can help with any aspects of your commercial project – from design advice to the supply of materials. Ask us about a competitive quote today!


      Concrete Canberra Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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