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Concreting Canberra Pro is a trusted brand of concrete construction and a supplier of tools and materials. We have been servicing the Canberra construction industry for many years. We pride ourselves on offering quality products to its customers, making them feel confident that all their needs will be met.
Concreting Canberra Pro is committed to bringing its customers the best possible experience. This includes ensuring that the product they deliver is of the highest standard and fit for purpose.

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What is Exposed Aggregate?

Exposed aggregate is the method of coating the surface of the concrete with gravel or stone (usually not more than 7mm in size). The material used for this purpose is often called “macadam” and is graded to match the specification required.
The first part of this process is to put down a geotextile membrane between 100mm – 150mm thick, and then the macadam is applied. The aggregate comes in at least 100 different size grades but usually in 6 or 7 major sizes.

A colorful exposed aggregate

The Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Concreting

Exposed aggregate is aesthetically superior to other methods because it provides a natural “beach like” appearance. It has become popular in recent years due to the stylish look that concrete can provide when finished in this way.
Exposed aggregate concrete offers many benefits compared to conventional concrete, including decreased installation time and cost by eliminating any need for paint, mesh materials, sealants or adhesives after installation. There is reduced traffic disruption during construction, reduced maintenance costs and improved site safety removing trip hazards.
Exposed aggregate also offers an attractive solution to local councils faced with increasing maintenance costs or falling revenue due to residential relocation out of their areas.

An exposed aggregate floor being cleaned

How expensive is exposed aggregate?

Exposed aggregate is more expensive than chip seal, but A.C.T. Roads says the system has been used where it provides a cost-effective solution to an existing problem or when there are safety issues that need to be addressed. An exposed-aggregate surface will last approximately 15 years compared with eight years for chip seal, depending on traffic volumes.
But the cost will depend on the access to the site, the size and extension of the road, compaction work required and local geotechnical factors.

An exposed aggregate floor

Uses of exposed aggregate

Exposed aggregate is commonly used when making pavements, driveways, road bases and outdoor flooring. A selection of surface textures can be achieved using a variety of different aggregates. A simple latex additive to the concrete mix makes it possible to create a wide spectrum of colours from grey through black to browns and reds.
Exposed aggregate finishes are made by applying a thin layer of fine gravel to freshly placed concrete as soon as finished with a broom or brush to ensure good adhesion between the two materials. If this step is missed, there is an increased risk that the bond will not be strong enough for traffic use, and moss growth may occur later on if moisture penetrates the substrate.
Exposed aggregate roads have been around for many years, but recently the colours available have increased substantially. This means that Aussie roads can genuinely claim to be unique, with each one seemingly having its personality.

Why Choose Us?

At Concreting Canberra Pro, we are passionate about what we do, and our aim is to provide excellent service using only the best materials available. We are committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction through great communication and proactive project management. We know that speed makes a huge impact on your bottom line. Our commitment to high standards means that you can rely on us to manage your project end-to-end from the initial scoping meeting to final completion payment.
If you have a project that requires the use of exposed concrete, our team will work with you to determine a solution that achieves your requirements and finishes successfully. We have extensive experience in the design, supply and installation of all types of concrete solutions.
With Concreting Canberra Pro, safety is our top priority. Our crew are fully qualified and trained, so you can be confident the job will be done properly every time. In addition to being accredited by the Safe Work Association, we also hold current W.H.S. qualification cards for self-performed work and company-operated machinery.

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