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The Local Concreting Company

Concreting Canberra Pro is a company that deals with making concrete products from Canberra, ACT. We have been building an excellent reputation as one of the most successful businesses in our industry by creating a reliable and stress-free experience for all our customers, both old and new.
Concreting Canberra Pro has a team of highly experienced professionals to provide you with a quality job on time and within budget. Whether you need a simple driveway or an entire street reconfigured, be sure to contact Concreting Canberra Pro immediately!

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What is paving?

Paving is a method of building a road, path or other surfaces in modern construction. It is done by excavating the earth and then laying out a paver base, after which stone pavers are placed on top. At Concrete Canberra Pro, we do concrete paving and footpath paving, including driveway stripping and asphalt surfaces.

A concrete blocks pavement

Types of pavements

Unbound Pavements: Unbound pavements are created using compacted earth or sand. These do not have a base layer, and pavement markings cannot be applied on top of it, so this type of pavement has its limitations. It can be constructed by just about anyone but needs regular maintenance.

Bound Pavements: Bound pavers offer all the benefits of unbound paver systems and support ancillary features like rigid pavement markers, lines and signage. A bound paver’s surface is usually slightly raised compared to unbound surfaces which allows for much easier vehicle movement.

Footpaths: Footpath paving is one of the most versatile forms of paving that many people do. If you’re unsure what type of pavement to lay, you could always opt for a footpath.

Brick Pavements: Brick is an ideal material for paving way your driveway and garden paths. It gives your home a touch of class, but more importantly, it makes maintenance easy. A strong breeze can lift loose bits off the brick surface, but this only happens if the wall is poorly constructed.

Brick Edging: When bricks are installed as edging, they should be carefully placed so that each one has at least two inches above ground level.

A pavement being installed using concrete blocks

What we offer

Concreting Canberra Pro offers a variety of different services, including paving work at affordable rates. We can provide high-quality asphalt driveways, footpaths and road work with outstanding results across Canberra – giving you the freedom to choose the ideal surface for your home or business. Whether you want block paving pathways or kerbing installed around your house, Concrete Canberra Pro provides expert driveway solutions designed to suit your specific requirements. We also pride ourselves in paving commercial properties and concrete work for surrounding businesses, so let us help you out today!

Installing A Concrete Block Pavement

Why should you use Concreting Canberra Pro?

Concreting Canberra Pro is a trusted brand when it comes to paving work in Canberra. Our team of experts understands that quality, experience, and reliability are important values for professional concreting work. Some of our exceptional qualities include:

Hassle-free service: We always ensure that our customers receive a smooth and stress-free experience for all our customers, both old and new.

Quality workmanship: You will be provided with quality workmanship through our highly experienced and skilled professionals, who will cover your area using the best materials available.

Best prices: Our price lists are already highly competitive, but we can still offer you more savings depending on the extent of your project – just contact us!

Scheduled appointment times: Once we set an appointment time suitable for you, it is booked in with us.

Flexible payment options: We provide flexible payment options, so the option of paying by cash or credit card is available to you.

Awarded business: Concreting Canberra Pro has been awarded recognition for being one of the most recognised companies in the area of concrete due to our previous work experience and, more importantly, our past customers’ feedback.

Concrete Canberra Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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