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Residential Concrete Canberra

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Does your residential property need a “facelift”? Are there certain areas that you need to level, or perhaps you just need a driveway to build? Whatever your residential property needs, Concreting Canberra Pro will help you achieve it!
The team at Concreting Canberra Pro specialises in all aspects of residential and commercial concrete construction. We pride ourselves on our ability to improve the general look of your property. in a residential property, concrete can be used in many ways. It is used for driveways, decks, alfresco areas, home renovation/DIY projects and more.
With the use of residential concrete in your property, Concreting Canberra Pro will improve its visual appeal and add value to your property.

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Benefits of using concrete in your residential property

Using concrete has benefits which include:

  • Can be applied to driveways, paths, sidewalks and other concrete areas.
  • Can be stained or painted in different colours, which adds visual appeal to your property
  • Concrete will not deteriorate or wear out quickly like asphalt or tar materials.
  • There are many decorative options available such as stamping, grooving, trowelling etc.
Concrete being poured on a wire mesh

How to prepare your home for concreting

Make sure you have all the necessary equipment and protective gear before preparing your home for concreting. Firstly, make sure there is enough room around the area to safely and adequately work. Remember that concrete can be heavy and bulky, so you need to allow yourself plenty of room to manoeuvre without injuring yourself or anyone else nearby. The weather plays a large factor in outdoor concreting. Make sure it is not raining and, if it is, that it will stop for at least 4-5 hours. It would be best if you allowed ample time for your concrete to dry – concrete dries by evaporation, which takes approximately 28 days (depending on humidity levels).

Concrete being laid on a surface

Concrete aftercare and maintenance

Once you have finished doing your concrete project, it does not mean you can forget about it and stop taking care of the area. You should regularly clean and reseal your newly resurfaced concrete to ensure that your investment continues looking great for many years to come. It also helps prevent future cracking and water damage.
The resurfacing of existing concrete is beneficial because it can rejuvenate the appearance of deteriorated surfaces. It also preserves the original material, which saves you money in future repair costs. Concrete Canberra provides resurfacing solutions that will improve the look of your driveway, pool decking area or any other concreted area at a fraction of replacement cost.

concrete being poured on a wire mesh

What you need to know about polished concrete finish before you start the project

The cost of concreting can vary depending on a number of factors that may affect the final price, such as:

Type and size of the project – A small driveway might not cost as much to complete as if we were creating a pool or patio area. Generally, larger projects take a lot of concrete; hence the cost goes up.

Square metres – The square metre cost of your project will vary depending on the size and shape of the given area.

Location – We all know that working in Canberra can be expensive as our population continues to grow. Project costs might also increase due to the fact that employment rates are high and skilled labour is limited.

Subbase preparation – This may be a cost you aren’t expecting to pay if you haven’t done any research into concrete concreting Canberra. The sub-base should be prepared before we start work by excavating and levelling the area we will use for your concrete slab or whatever structure we are. 

Why Choose Us?

Concreting Canberra Pro is a trusted brand when it comes to concrete in Canberra. We are professional, reliable and offer the best quality of workmanship around. Our company is committed to providing clients with personalised service and satisfaction for each project undertaken. We pride ourselves on our professional team who are experienced in all types of residential concreting. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will ensure that every detail is taken care of.
Concreting Canberra Pro has been providing residents with high quality concreting services throughout Canberra for many years now. We have all the required licenses and insurances to ensure your job is done right the first time. Not only do we provide fantastic service, but Concrete Canberra also offers unbeatable prices.

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