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Concreting Canberra is a renowned brand when it comes to concrete finishes. Our polished concrete floors are highly popular among commercial buildings. You can ask for our services regarding polished concrete anywhere in Canberra. At Concreting Canberra Pro, we have all types of expertise with us to give you the best possible outcome.
We use equipment that is specially made to polish your floor. This makes sure that there is no scratching or damage done on the surface during polishing. We take extreme care while polishing, and it is why our finished surfaces offer long-lasting protection and durability.

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What is polished concrete?

Polished concrete is a process in which we grind down an existing surface and apply multiple layers of polished concrete resin to form a high gloss sheen. This provides you with a cost-effective and sustainable solution for your flooring needs.

Ongoing laying of polished concrete

The process of applying polished concrete

At Concreting Canberra Pro, we begin by removing all the old coatings on your concrete. We use a dry grinding method that provides more control at removing concrete coatings while simultaneously preparing depth for resin application. With the steel structure under the concrete floor exposed, our team takes great care in ensuring that new structural elements are installed to replace what has been removed. This ensures the integrity of your concrete is not compromised. Once these processes have been completed, we apply polished concrete resin on top of your new ground flooring to achieve that high gloss sheen you are after.

A concrete machine for laying concrete

Benefits of choosing polished concrete

Polished concrete has some benefits over other types of concrete finishes. While it’s not as slip-resistant as epoxy, it is resistant to chemicals. There are some other benefits of polished concrete which include:
Looks – Polished concrete looks better with age and can have a wide range of colours.
Soft underfoot – The finish gives you that soft touch like no other.
Flooring for wet areas – since there’s no coating on the surface, water will easily pass through making this type of flooring great for bathrooms.
Long-lasting – Epoxy floors last shorter than polished concrete, usually due to coating damage or poor construction techniques. Concrete offers durability and resistance against impact, abrasions and scratches.
Stain-resistant– the fine gravel provides an anti-stain coat making it easier to clean.

A floor with a polished concrete finish

What you need to know about polished concrete finish before you start the project

There are some things you should know before you start the project. The concrete needs to be completely cured, which is usually 21 days after pouring. You also need an extremely flat base with no bumps or other imperfections, but this is why you should hire specialist installers instead of doing it yourself.
Another thing about polished concrete is that it is not recommended to come into full contact with the floor when it’s wet. Some people think that polished concrete can be slippery, but any natural stone surface is more likely to be slippery when wet because of the fine sand particles on the rough surfaces.

Preparing your site for Polished Concrete Floor Installation

If you want a perfect finish, preparation is crucial as this will define how smooth and level your final area will be. The first step of preparing for a polished concrete installation is removing all obstacles from the room where you are going to install it. Then make sure there is no debris or dust on the floor by either sweeping it away or vacuuming it up with a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Your next step will be to clean the floor using a concrete degreaser to ensure it’s free of grease, oil, or other debris. Cleaner, the better as you will get a better result.

Why Choose Us?

At Concreting Canberra Pro, we make sure that the customer is in complete command of the specifications through to completion of their polished concrete floor.
We are experienced, punctual and professional with years in this business, helping clients get what they want when they want it. We realise that when you’re having your flooring done, whether, for your home or business, time is money. And our builders’ experience ensures that we’ll meet deadlines every time!
In addition, Concreting Canberra Pro has a team of skilled tradesmen who can provide a range of other concreting services, from drainage work to retaining walls and everything else in between.

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