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Concrete Majura

At Concrete Majura, we specialise in Concreting, Concrete Driveways, Concrete Carports, Concrete Patios, Concrete Paving, and Concrete Pool surrounds. We are the trusted concrete specialists of Majura ACT and surrounding areas. Each time our clients trust us with their residential and commercial concreting projects, we always deliver. We also offer Concrete Rendering to Concrete Brick Lining.

Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations and provide customer satisfaction like no other. Concrete Majura has the experience you need for any concrete project. We can make your ideas come alive with the customisation of colours, shapes and finishes. We provide the best concrete services in Majura.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding workmanship and attention to detail. We can help you with anything from your driveway, footpaths etc. Here at Concrete Majura, we aim to provide you with the best possible customer service at all times.

OUR Majura Concrete SERVICES


Majura Concrete

Concrete Majura is the leading local Concreters in Canberra.

At Concrete Majura, we are known for our friendly, reliable and personalised customer service. We are confident that you will be impressed by the finished product. We are dedicated to quality and service, and we guarantee a superior level of product and workmanship. We pride ourselves on being professional and punctual, leaving our clients pleased with the final product.

Concrete Majura is committed to providing you with the very best in all aspects of your job. We will listen to your requirements and come up with a design that suits you perfectly. We feel it’s important to take the time required to ensure that we create the best possible concrete design for your home or business.

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A machine doing resurfacing

Driveway Resurfacing

Driveway resurfacing is a simple, cost-effective way to improvise your driveway without the hassle of digging it up. We will make your existing concrete driveways look brand new with our year-round, maintenance-free resurfacing paint system.

If your driveway wears out, use our replace and repair service to restyle your driveway. Our specialists will resurface your existing Concrete with the perfect coating to give it a new lease on life or replace small sections if necessary. We can also fix slight dents, flaking or large cracks, so you don’t have to pay for an entire replacement.

Concrete Majura is the trusted concrete specialist of Canberra, ACT and the surrounding areas. We have completed countless customized concrete driveways, patios, pool surrounds, walkways, and the years. Each time our clients trust us with their residential and commercial concreting projects, we always deliver.

Concrete being poured on a wire mesh

Residential Concrete

Does your residential property need a brand spanking new concrete driveway, patio or pool surround? Residential Concrete need not be limited to just these features. Residential Concrete can also include the perfect form of drainage for your landscaping needs, not to mention permeable paving, which can give your Residential property a touch of class and sophistication.

Concrete Majura has extensive experience working with Residential homes and Residential Concrete projects throughout the Majura region. Let us handle the Residential Concrete needs of your home today! Isn’t it about time you made a change to the exterior of your Residential property?

Residential concreting allows for a variety of high-quality finishes from stamped Concrete, coloured solutions and epoxy surfaces that will transform the look and feel of your Residential property. Residential Concrete is a secure and reliable surface that is completely practical and durable. We pride ourselves on providing our Residential customers with Residential concrete solutions of the highest quality.

Ongoing laying of polished concrete

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is the perfect Concrete solution for pathways, entryways and pool surround. Polished Concrete has a smooth surface that is ideal for all ages and types of footwear. Polishing produces a natural-looking, low sheen finish that is slip-resistant. Polished Concrete is the most popular choice for residential Driveways.

Concrete Majura is your Polished Concrete specialist in Canberra, ACT Polished Concrete is the perfect choice when you require a smooth and slip-resistant surface, and your landscaping and design need to be considered. Polished Concrete will harmonize beautifully with both formal and natural landscapes.

Polished Concrete can also be used in Commercial areas such as driveways, car parks, paths and entryways. Polished Concrete is an affordable option for Commercial Polished Concrete projects in Majura. Polished Concrete is an attractive, low maintenance floor or wall finish used in residential and commercial areas throughout Majura.

Concrete being used in a commercial building

Commercial Concrete

Commercial Concrete is a concrete contractor based in Majura that offers Commercial concreting services such as Commercial concrete polishing, Commercial concrete sealing and Commercial concrete staining. Require a smooth and slip-resistant surface and your landscaping and design need to be taken into consideration.

Commercial projects often have a large surface area to cover, which means that Commercial Concrete can supply Commercial polishing equipment for large projects. We also provide Commercial cleaning equipment for dealing with large volumes of effluent. Commercial Concrete is your one-stop shop for all Commercial concreting needs.

Concrete is a widely used building material, primarily composed of coarse aggregate bonded together with cement. Concrete can be sculpted in diverse forms and textures to create decorative pieces for your patio or driveway. Concrete Majura has the experience, expertise, and equipment needed to make your custom concrete vision a reality!

Concreting work ongoing

Concrete Finish

A concrete finish is a way in which a new or preexisting concrete surface is completed. The finish of the Concrete determines the level of smoothness and any polished appearance. Many commercially available decorative treatments and surface finishes can be applied to Concrete to enhance its appearance, improve slip resistance, increase durability or provide other benefits.

Different types of concrete finishes can be applied to new or old Concrete. The most common finishes are exposed aggregate, stained/acid-stained, polished, stamped and come in various colours. The two main types of stains commonly used for staining concrete surfaces are acid stains and water-based stains.

Acid stains etch into the surface of the Concrete creating a neutral pH that allows the acid-soluble metallic salts to be absorbed into the Concrete. When sealed with a penetrating sealer, the stain is resistant to water and chemicals. The only maintenance required for stained Concrete is periodic cleaning with soap and water followed by light brushing or rinsing.

A driveway made from polished concrete blocks


Driveway services include driveway cleaning, sealing and repairs, potholes filled or ground down to a smooth flat surface. We have different colours of driveways that we offer, including stained concrete driveways and stamped concrete driveways.

Majura Concreting is an established business working in the area throughout all of Majura for over the years. We supply and install driveways, concreting and much more. We also work closely with the surrounding suburbs within Majura.

At Majura Concreting, we offer the best service of concrete driveways, which are affordable and of high quality. We also offer stamped concrete driveways at prices that can’t be beaten. We provide quality work which is cheap and very useful. It’s also better than standard Concrete poured over the ground down to a smooth surface.

A colorful exposed aggregate

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate concrete is the most straightforward type of concrete. The ground is levelled, and then a layer of sand with rock pieces are spread over it. Then, the concrete is poured on top of this base until it becomes smooth.

Once dried, workers can remove excess wet cement from the surface. Exposed aggregate is the method of coating the surface of the concrete with gravel or stone pieces. These pieces of gravel and stone are either dyed or natural and give the concrete a rough appearance.

This method can be seen in Victorian houses and villas but is also famous for driveways and pathways because it provides excellent grip. The most popular way exposed aggregate is presented on driveways and pathways is by using surface texturing. This method involves using metal tools to texture, roughen up and create grooves in small areas or along the whole driveway. 

installing a concrete block pavement


Paving is very similar to exposed aggregate but features a larger surface covering such as stone or brick. Paving looks and feels are more aesthetically pleasing. A sealer usually accompanies them to protect the surface from elements such as oil and grease that may slip off vehicles.

Pavements can be laid in straight lines or even patterns upon request. Paving is usually reserved for driveways, paths, high use areas and even some courtyards. Paving is a method of building a road, path or walkway using a combination of stone, bricks and concrete.

Paving is the ideal choice for driveways as it can stand up to heavy amounts of wear and tear from vehicles such as cars and trucks. It also reduces the amount of dust kicked up by cars driving on dirt surfaces; this makes paving perfect for residential areas or where children play.

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